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I never realized that using answering services for my realty office will have such a positive impact on my business. I am a small business owner with an upcoming real estate agency. Even though most of the things are handled online with my business, my customers still prefer to contact the company through phone. I cannot change customer preferences, so I had to make myself more accessible on the phone. I then decided to make use of a business answering service as I was not able to answer my mobile whilst on a call with a customer.

I am a very cautious customer, so I spent a lot of time screening various answering services. I reviewed their reputation in the industry, spoke to number of them and finally chose this company as I wanted to work with the best answering service for realtors. Even though I was pretty sure that I have made the best choice, I still had to wait to see what the answering service company had to offer. Luckily, this company did not disappoint me. They offered me very reliable answering service.

This company stood out in number of different ways from the rest of the competition. They offered me very flexible and customized solutions and services. As I did not have the budget for fulltime answering service at least initially, I wanted them to work for me at flexible number of hours per day. They did not force their rigid service plans on me and I liked their flexibility.

Another factor that made this company stand out from the rest of the competition is the level of professionalism the company exhibited. This was shown throughout the process, right from the initial contact with them to the installation and the ongoing support I receive.  Not many companies use such a balanced approach to customer service.

I liked this service provider also because they lived up to their promises. They never overpromised, but they managed to exceed my expectations. I feel that I got the best value for my money when I hired this company for my business needs. I am planning to increase the number of hours of their support. I am sure that this will certainly add value to my business. At last I have stopped searching for a better answering service because I have already found the best company in the industry.

I have realized that it is very important to choose the best answering service because they represent my brand and they are the voice of my brand to my customers. So I will never take risks here. Now that I have found the best service provider in the industry, I will not change the service provider. I will establish long term association with this company to ensure my customers will get consistently good service. This company has in fact helped me build positive reputation in the industry. Customers need not have to make multiple calls to reach my business. They get all the information they need now in a single call and that boosts my brand reputation in the industry.