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Hose couplings are intended to perform two functions.  First, they provide a secure seal so that no liquid (or possibly gas) will escape.  Secondly, they can also be used to ensure that no foreign materials enter into a line.  The main idea is to offer a tight and yet flexible seal between the two sections of hose.  This can be accomplished in various ways.  Most home-based couplings will simply screw into one another.  Others that are intended for industrial uses may have locking mechanisms, expansion rings or ball bearings which “lock” into place when the user manipulates the coupling correctly.  These more advanced types are best when there is a great deal of pressure within the hose.  Common instances include:

Pressure washer attachments.
Fire hoses.
Hoses and couplings used to fill up butane gas cylinders.

Qualities in a Hose Coupling

The type of material used will naturally depend upon the substances being transported.  Still, couplings need to be strong and exhibit a high tensile strength.  They should also be resistant to rust and corrosion.  Finally, these couplings must not greatly expand or contract during profound temperature changes.  These are the qualities which modern couplings often exhibit.Please contact them via their website for any enquires should you need it at  –

Hose Couplings
There are countless times when liquids or gases need to be safely sent from one location to another.  Examples can range from watering a garden to offloading thousands of litres of milk from a large lorry.  Hose couplings are often required in order to attach two or more lengths together so that a distance can be easily negotiated.  Arguably, the first hose couplings can be seen in the underground plumbing of ancient Rome.  Clay pipes were fitted with alternating “male” and “female” ends; easily sliding onto one another and providing a tight seal.  Modern couplings are normally constructed of strong and lightweight materials such as plastic (PVC), steel, copper or aluminium.

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